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Electrical Panel

This range of Electrical Panels can be availed in different specifications to suit exact industrial needs. These act as reliable power transferring solutions. Advanced relay system of these products simplifies their installation and promotes quick trouble shooting. Based on their mechanism, several versions of these Electrical Panels are used for synchronization of generators. These are equipped with standard components like switches, PVC channels, copper bus bars and insulation components. For their smooth running, these have emergency shutdown features and engine monitoring facility. As part of their safety features, these are protected against electrical interference. These low maintenance products have long working life.
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Control Relay Panels

Price: 1000 onwards INR/Piece

These Control Relay Panels are optically isolated, safe and reliable, completely protected from interferences. Equipped with high-current relay, these panels are extensively used for the protection of electrical networks. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor panels, these are available in simplex, duplex, twin feeder and triple feeder versions for various wiring terminations. We offer these panels to clients in a wide range of specifications for meeting their individual requirements.

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Auto Transfer Switch Panels

Price: 1000 onwards INR/Piece

These Auto Transfer Switch Panels provide a safe and efficient mean of transferring power from utility to generator source. It features a simplified relay-interface system which optimizes and increases system reliability and creates an intuitive design for faster installation and troubleshooting. Best known for simple design, these panels allow quick installation and troubleshooting. These panels are integrated with two contact sets for load shedding.

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Synchronization Panels

Price: 1000 onwards INR/Piece

Our wide range of Synchronization Panels is used for meeting various power system requirements. These panels function both manually and with an automatic synchronizing function for one or more generators or breakers. They are widely used in synchronizing generators. These panels are wisely manufactured using premium quality electrical components including insulations, copper bus bar, PVC channels, wires/cable, transformers, meters and switches. Features excellent load sharing and shedding facility, these panels user friendly control functions specifically for warm-up and cool down periods, engine monitoring, multi attempt engine start control, emergency shutdown and engine test runs.

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Metering Panels

Price: 1000 onwards INR/Piece

Our Metering Panel is specifically designed for all types of CT current ratio. It features easy access for connecting inward and outward cable. Easy to install and operate, these panels are offered to clients in a wide range of specifications for meeting their exact needs. These panels are manufactured using best quality materials in accordance with safety standards.

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Starter Panels

Price: 1000 onwards INR/Piece

Our Starter Panels are known to provide high performance torque and pump control and generator supply operation. In addition, it also delivers smooth acceleration and deceleration performance. The reliable performance of our panels helps reduce mechanical shock and peak power demands. This also helps extended component and motor life. Ideal for use in various applications including conveyors, pumps, compressors, fans, blowers and belted equipment. Integrated with an easy to use keypad and display screen, this device is provided with an enclosure for protection from dirt and dust.

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Changeover Panels

Price: 1000 onwards INR/Piece

Our comprehensive range of Change Over Panel enables automatic start up of the standby generator. In addition, it also ensures safe, fast transfer of the load in the event of a mains power cut. When mains power is restored, these panels automatically disconnect the generator and connect the load back to the mains. This panel comes with an excellent benefit of an LCD, allowing the voltage and frequency parameters on both the mains and generator sides to be simultaneously displayed.